Nantong Jingrun Industry Co., Ltd

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Tel: +86-513-55880140
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Mobile: WhatsApp:86-15862708570
Add: No.503,14 Buliding, Guoliyuan, Chongchuan District, Nantong city, Jiangsu Province, China
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About Us

Nantong Jingrun Industry Co., Ltd is specialized in producing various kinds of carbon products. Located in the middle part of Jiangsu province, on the coast of East Sea and beside the Yangtze River, we enjoy convenient transportation.
Our company mainly manufactures Power tools carbon brushes, Automobile starter and Alternator carbon brushes, Motorcycle carbon brushes, Automobile fan blower carbon brushes, Household appliance carbon brushes, Traction motor carbon brushes, Locomotive carbon brushes, Carbon-graphite and High-purity graphite seal rings and other parts like Carbon brush holders and springs. Non-standard products can be designed and manufactured according to special requirements.
Our objectives and goals have been to attain high technical performance at competitive prices of graphite products.
Our processes start with raw materials such as coke, graphite, carbon black, copper powder and pitch. Measured amounts of these materials are ground, blended and mixed together according to the grade required.
After pressing to shape in a die, the materials are kilned (heated in high temperature ovens). Further processes such as impregnation and high temperature heat treatment are used to obtain special properties carbon brushes and other components are produced from these materials by a series of light machining and assembly operations. Some of these are conventional, for example grinding and drilling, metal stamping and soldering; while others are special to brush manufacturer. To meet the range of demand, our manufacturing methods extend from one-off production to a customer's specification to automated production of hundreds of parts per hour. With all our graphite products, quality is vital; all output is quality approved to international standard. The company has over many years of experience and the products are not only sold in China but also to other countries in South-Asia, Europe ,America,South America,Africa.